Within just a few years the Berlin based Alice Nardi from Italy has developed from being a black belt Karate practitioner into becoming a promising author, choreographer and stage performer.

Her debut as a soloist took place recently during the “Fabbrica Europa Festival” in Florence, where she was part of the section “Platform A35”. This program was dedicated to young authors and choreographers and took place within the frame of “PARC -Performing Arts Research Center”.

Written in a periode of intense traveling her piece THE SURROUNDER expresses the search to inhabit a new space. On stage it unfolds as an intergalactic dance between light and shadow.

-Half of my work is to design the space in which I can compose and improvise, she told me in an interview I did with her between two performances which were staged respectively in a white and a black room.

This video reportage presents extracts from “THE SURROUNDER” and my conversation with Alice Nardi.

Please choose HD quality.


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A video reportage with author, choreographer and dancer Davide Valrosso about his performance:

“Anatomical study of memory”, also performed in the “Platform A35” section at the “Fabbrica Europa Festival” in Florence, 29.5 -2.6 2018.



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