Changing it through sensing it

The experience of beauty can teach us to become dramatically more receptive in all areas of our life and work. It is as relevant for the individual as it is for a group to not only be able to feel the experience of beauty in all its nuances but to also heighten the awareness and understanding of this quality and how it effect us in our actions.

Especially in organisations and workplaces with high levels of productivity, knowledge accumulation and responsibility this is a potent capacity to develop as a resource.

Beauty makes us attentive, clear and innovative. It enables us to connect more naturally in processes at every level of complexity and intensity. It can organize our mind towards a goal and it can bring a group together to materialize their vision to its fullest potential.

As much as it is a universal ability to experience beauty it is also a skill to be trained.

Based on my academic, organisational and artistic work I lead workshops and seminars that facilitate the development of this innate skill. I adapt my approach to the specific need and goals of each company.    

I have experienced the potency of my method manifest within private and public companies operating at national and international level, at Universities and artistic academies, in artistic productions and of course in my own life.

Wether it is to lay the foundation for a process or to heighten the success of an ongoing one it is always beneficial to invest in connecting and developing with what is beautiful to us.