Photo by Gaia Amadori

Born in 1979 in Denmark, I grew up in a coastal village close to Aarhus.

I hold a masters degree in film studies from Copenhagen University with additional studies at Stockholm University and professional training at the Danish National Film School and the Odin Theatre.

In Sweden I was assistant editor for award winning documentary film maker Maj Wechselmann. I was also involved in script development with writer/director Vilgot Sjöman, who influenced my understanding of the relationship between art and personal development.

For more than a decade I worked closely together with my then partner, writer / director Pablo Naranjo-Golborne, producing 15 independent short- and documentary films together. “Role models” was shown at the Women’s Museum in Denmark and “Helga the Fair” at Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. I directed both of these films. The latter with original score by Filip Norman.

In 2010 I was invited to the European Film College ( CILECT member) to teach and to present a new method of talent development for young film makers. On this occasion I tested an innovative  production development method founded in visual concepts and tools rather than script development. 

The college consequently hired me as head of directing fiction and I stayed on board for 3 years. In my courses, through high intensity productions and one-on-one mentor-ship I implemented, developed and refined my method. During my last year at the school, the board promoted me to be acting principle of the college.

Frequent guest lecturers was Stanley Kubrick producer Jan Harlan and documentary film maker Joshua Oppenheimer. Former students of the school count numerous award winning film makers such as Joachim Trier, Pilou Asbæk and Charlotte Bruus Christensen.

In 2014 I decided to leave the college in order to explore intercultural collaborations outside of Denmark.

I was invited to teach and introduce my method in a 3 months documentary film course at Beijing Film Academy – the national film school of China. For the first time a documentary film was consequently accepted into the yearly student film festival, in which I participated as jury member with Kim Ki-duk as president.

In 2015 the Danish Film Institute adopted my concept of visual production development within the funding program NEW DANISH SCREEN. Here it was further expanded into feature film production and has ignited a new artistic wave in the Danish film industry.

This same year I co-produced and hosted numerous events and festivals, such as a Carl Th. Dreyer retrospective,  Hitchcock/Herrmann cavalcade at Musikhuset in Aarhus, Werner Herzog Master Class in Denmark, and a Nordic film festival at the Cinemateca in Montevideo Uruguay, where my students’ films were also screened. On this same occasion I was a guest at the national film school of Uruguay and a jury member at Viña del Mar International Film Festival in Chile.

Moreover I have hosted Master Classes and conducted interviews with film makers such as Ulrich Seidl, Bille August, Thomas Vinterberg and Manuel Claro at the European Film College as well as in various art cinemas in Denmark.

I have participated several times on Danish National Radio as a specialist on the relationship between film and music and I write for the magazine Jazz Special. I have conducted research for the Royal Library in Copenhagen about the relationship between music and cultural identity.

In 2016, I moved to Italy and started a cultural blog publishing in-depth articles about current themes in both classical, modern and avant garde art. I have interviewed leading Italian and international artists, film makers and musicians such as Jack DeJohnette, Tony Allen, Gianluca Petrella, Enrico Rava, Maurizio Braucci and Liu Xiaodong.


I am a visiting professor at the Institutes of “Culture and Identity” and “Cultural Interaction” at Aarhus University as well as Copenhagen University, where I give lectures on representations of identity in art, based on my studies on the contemporary art scene in Italy.

In addition to my formal education and training, I practise meditation and dream analysis. I have attended various workshops in this field, as well as in Chinese qi gong, energy work, Japanese shiatsu massage and body therapy, for instance at Bodynamic International and Vaekstcenteret in Denmark. I practice and perform the Japanese Dance Tradition of Butoh under the direction of choreographer Chiara Burgio and have studied within the tradition of the ODIN TEATRET, with Frans Winther and Araceli Barcenas.

I have worked and lived in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, China and Japan, and have collaborated with people from all over the world.

In 2017 I founded my own company “Grand Film” which produces online videos in the ambience of art and music as well as staged production of contemporary dance and video art.

In 2018/2019 I was an artist in residence at the art Festival Fabbrica Europa. In this project I collaborated with choreographer and dancer Isabella Giustina and composer/musicians Francesco Giorgi and Francesco Gherardi using improvisation as a way to create dialogue between video art, dance and music.