All videos are produced, directed, shot and edited by Karin Grand 

They are placed in chronological order with the newest first.

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Short doc about the young painter Irene Meniconi, December 2019:

3 short doc videos about the work of painter Rebecca Hayward, nov 2019:

Short promo doc about Rebecca Hayward, December 2018: 

Short promo for choreographer Davide Valrosso, June 2019 

Short promo doc about Alessandro Dari, November 2018:  

Interview and reportage with Francesca Lombardo June 2018:   

Compilation of dance performances at Platform A35 (Fabbrica Europa 2018):

Interview and reportage with David Valrosso June 2018:   

Concert reportage with Renato Grieco and Guilio Nocera April 2018:   

Concert reportage from Tony Allen concert, dec 2017:

Interview with Andrea Cavallari about Alda Merini 2017: 

Interview and reportage with Alwynne Pritchard 2016