In warm white sand

lies a feather fan

Destiny on golden land

A trace of wind

A flirty hand

She waves it as a second chance

She waves it in a blissful dance

Colors bright like these

Bring a song of love and ease

A third eye gaze…

She wants to flee

To catch a wind at dolphin sea

Made for love insanity

Made to live a fantasy

Broke a wild piano string

Jumped into a pool of rings

Salty waves on rocky ground

Rainbow message

Arched and round

Words onto a pearly crown

Promise rose through a melodic sound…

She’s safe on one, and two and three

She’s waving like that fan at sea

Singing songs of you and me

One hundred years of freedom

A portal for a queendom

We land where heart and soul

says we

Will strive for love and ecstacy

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