I will remember 2020 as a year of coming back to my roots. In every possible way. After 4 years in Italy, I returned to Denmark. Not according to plan. But what an unexpected gift it has been. Revisiting everything from a fresh point of view.  

While the world was in meltdown, I steadily kept moving inwards. Digging for those deeper roots of a spiritual kind. I felt how many other people were doing the same. Committed to creating a new alchemy of being. Much needed for the next chapter we are all embarking on. Beginning with myself. Softness. Respect. Grounding.

My dreams intensified during all this. What meetings took place in those colorful places I went to, when I closed my eyes. Day by day I started bringing them into reality. I found freedom in dancing and writing and I met myself as a little girl again. So hungry to learn, to play and to find the next adventure. I went with her into youth and early adulthood. I had to loose some emotional weight. There was time for that. What a relief.

And Love. Always right there blinking at me. Moving and tempting me to surrender to the bigger part of me. I’ll share one of the poems I wrote together with an old picture I found from a butterfly dance. I bought it as a painting in Bali when I was 19 years old. Two decades ago! I don’t believe it. Reminder to make every day count. 2020 was a tough year, but we know what follows after the darkness right? Happy new year everybody and here comes the poem.

So the shiver came

from silent moons

Two of them

and one in bloom

He lifts her up

and doesn’t stop

Streams of thoughts

pull further up

Through shooting stars

of wounds and scars

Exploded past

Brings peace at last

The sky ride

of a stolen bride

A honey spell

A midnight shell

Melting mouth

Spelling doubt

It’s blind time now

They’re leaving now

Sinking, blinking, thinking


One things stays

A kiss with grace

Shiver time

River crime

Who gives it all?

In free fall

A lock of hair

a flock, a pair




Sun Spoon

Swan Moon

The Sweetest night

When all was right

Eyes were closed

Yet all exposed


Eyes were closed

Yet all exposed

© Karin Grand 2021

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