That intimate bond between us

It’s humbling to feel a rope between your hands, when you are connecting with another human being. It opens up the door to an existential dimension and it requires attentiveness and trust to deal with it. It’s like holding onto a piece of life that changes with every little movement you make. As if it […]

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Andrea Cavallari about the destiny of Alda Merini

Andrea Cavallari is one of those people on the Florentine art scene who is always around even when he is not. His working space is divided between Tokyo, London and Florence and spans from musical compositions into installation and performance art. Furthermore he is the artistic director of the festival “Firenze Suona Contemporanea” in which […]

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Rebecca Hayward and where we went with her paintings…

I met Rebecca while desperately searching for a wifi connection at a café in our common neighborhood in Florence (Italy). She too seemed a little bit uneasy trying to help me out. “David used to be the one who knew everything about technique she later told me. Now I have to figure it all out […]

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