Rebecca Hayward and where we went with her paintings…

I met Rebecca while desperately searching for a wifi connection at a café in our common neighborhood in Florence (Italy). She too seemed a little bit uneasy trying to help me out. “David used to be the one who knew everything about technique she later told me. Now I have to figure it all out […]

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Francesca Lombardo and the Perfect Imperfections

Initially “Borderlight” was intended to be a duo between Francesca Lombardo and Pablo Tapia. The concept of “glitch art” where mistakes are used as the starting point to develop a visual idea had inspired the performers to portray the unpredictable and imperfect aspect of relationships. But (unpredictably) Tapia had to cancel due to an injury. With […]

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New Space for Young Choreographers in Florence

The building in which PARC (ex Scuderie Granducali in Florence) resides was originally constructed as horse stables for the grand duke of Florence. PARC stands for “Performing Art Research Center” and is situated in the luxuriant 3,5 km long Cascine Parc landscaped in the renaissance by the grand duke Cosomo I di Medici. In these historical surroundings […]

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