The merging between the author and the dancer is at the heart of Davide Valrosso’s artistic exploration at the moment. A year ago he decided to refrain from working for other choreographers in order to “create his own world” as he phrases it.

Educated at the English National Ballet and subsequently trained in a variety of contemporary companies he has already accumulated a vast experience as a performer. This spring his two year exploration of the body as an archive of memories culminated in the solo piece “Biography of a Body”.

His recent performance in the program “Platform A35” at the festival of modern art “Fabbrica Europa” in Florence was a continuation of this work.

In “Anatomical Study of Memory” he takes us from a place of attentive introspection into open space and liberation. As the audience we witness a silent dialogue between the mover and the one being moved; between the controlling and intentional mind ( in bright light ) into the let go and surrender of the body ( in dimmed light ).

In my interview with Davide he explained how he approaches his dance “without deciding how to move in advance but rather letting the movements flow as a continuous proces of dying and being born.”

Valrosso’s willingness to be seen in the intimate rawness of self disclosure creates an entry for the audience to participate in their own exploration of physical memory. Occasionally accompanied by a slight discomfort of being a spectator. Close to being riskfree.

Here is an extract from the performance and my interview with Davide Valrosso.

Please choose HD quality. Subtitles are available in English.

Short promo trailer I created in June, 2019: 

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A video reportage with author, choreographer and dancer Francesca Lombardo about her performance:

“Borderlight 30”, also performed in the “Platform A35” section at the “Fabbrica Europa Festival” in Florence, 29.5 -2.6 2018.

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