The building in which PARC (ex Scuderie Granducali in Florence) resides was originally constructed as horse stables for the grand duke of Florence.

PARC stands for “Performing Art Research Center” and is situated in the luxuriant 3,5 km long Cascine Parc landscaped in the renaissance by the grand duke Cosomo I di Medici.

In these historical surroundings there is a notable effort to create an area with a progressive attitude towards art and culture.

Last year the mentioned building was handed over to the contemporary art festival FABBRICA EUROPA by the municipality with the aim to create a cultural center for the promotion of emerging artists.

During this year’s festival I participated as a spectator in the 5 day program PLATFORM A35 produced by PARC in which young authors and choreographers from Italy and abroad shared their newest work and exploration.

I observed the performers with my video camera immersing myself in their journey towards self expression. Thanks to an almost seamless transition between each performance it was a week spent mostly in silence. Not only the movement of body in space but also the sensitivity of the dancers’ faces became my point of study. Below is a series of fragments from this experience.



See also my interviews with choreographers/dancers Davide Valrosso and Francesca Lombardo on this blog including a reportage from their performances at PLATFORM A35. Go to the bottom up the page if you would like to sign up as a follower of my blog. 

Photo of dancer Lucrezia Gabrieli by Karin Grand

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